Who We Are

UTSI International Corporation is a vendor independent industrial control system engineering and consulting firm specializing in automated system design, implementation, project engineering, cybersecurity and remote infrastructure monitoring services for oil & gas pipelines.

Founded in March 1985, over the past three (3) decades UTSI has been responsible for the design and implementation of sophisticated industrial control systems and related technologies for many of the world’s largest energy corporations. UTSI’s original business focus was to provide consulting and system integration services to the oil & gas pipeline industry, specifically in relation to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. The company’s other areas of expertise began as a natural outgrowth of its work in the oil & gas SCADA sector. Specific areas of expertise, complementary to our oil & gas SCADA and DCS capabilities, include, but are not limited to: pipeline leak detection and hydraulic modeling/simulation technologies, physical and cybersecurity specifically related to Industrial Control Systems (ICS), and extensive capabilities in software research and development.

The company’s leadership is comprised of a core team of experts who provide the experience and direction necessary for the execution of projects, as well as normal day-to-day administrative and management functions. UTSI’s management team is supported by a professional staff whose experience and dedication provide the strength necessary for the continued growth and success of the company. Clients the world over attest to the value provided by this level of expertise.


UTSI has developed strong long-term relationships with many of our customers as a result of our commitment to consistently provide them with high quality consulting and engineering services, personal contact with management and a continuous focus on their needs and strategic goals. At UTSI, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Development of systems and software in high technology areas requires that one fully understand the risks and benefits of choosing a given technique over another to satisfy a particular set of requirements. We understand that there are many ways to solve most industrial automation problems, and that it is only by working closely with the customer to identify his specific objectives that a clear path to the optimal solution can be found.

UTSI’s engineering staff knows that even though many projects share similarities, each project is unique and warrants careful analysis. Therefore, our engineers work closely with each customer to identify that customer’s unique business needs during the initial stages of any project. We then work to define solutions that satisfy those needs by taking advantage of existing technology, while minimizing risk.

We approach each and every one of our projects with the following three (3) basic principles in mind, which we have found to be important keys to ensuring success:




UTSI is dedicated to providing the highest quality consulting, integration and support services available anywhere on the planet. Our commitment to our clients is to provide this service in a professional and cost effective manner, and to establish the long-term relationships that allow their continuing needs to be met.

Please contact UTSI for additional information, or to speak with us about a specific project or need.

Need additional information or want to speak with us about a specific project or need?