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We are the No-Compromise Vendor-Independent Authority in Automated System Design, Implementation, Project Engineering, OT Cybersecurity, and Remote Infrastructure Monitoring for Critical Infrastructure.

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Because our clients have made UTSI the Pioneering Powerhouse of Design and Implementation for Over 38 Years. As the Trusted Partner of the World’s Leading Energy, Transportation, Water, Renewable, and Chemical Companies, our Unrivaled Expertise in Industrial Control and SCADA Systems, IT/OT Convergence, IIoT,  Leak Detection, Cybersecurity, Software R&D and more, elevates your operations to the most secure in your company’s history.

With our leadership, team of experts, unmatched professional staff, and proven results, UTSI is your ultimate solution for unprecedented security in your vertical.  Just ask our international roster of clients.

Unleash Your ICS Potential with Our Proven Philosophy & Guiding Principles – The Key to Protecting Your Staff, Environment, and Systems

We believe in the power of customer satisfaction. Strong relationships, quality services, and our team’s personal touch are at the forefront of our technical expertise.

That being said, we do wholly understand the high-stakes game of developing cutting-edge systems and software. It’s the reason why we don’t just dive into solutions without fully comprehending the risks and rewards of each technique. With our expertise and close client collaboration, we’ll identify your unique objectives. Then we chart a course to the ultimate solution, leaving no industrial automation problem unsolved.

At UTSI, our elite engineering squad knows that one-size-fits-all solutions are a thing of the past. Every project, no matter how similar, demands meticulous analysis and a customized approach.

That’s why we work hand-in-hand with our clients from the get-go, to unlock their unique business needs and craft solutions that hit the sweet spot of utilizing innovative technology and minimizing risk.

The result? Unbeatable efficiency, efficacy, and satisfaction for our clients.

At UTSI, we tackle each project with a relentless pursuit of excellence and always keep these 3 guiding principles in mind for your protection:




These are the keys to your ICS success and ensuring that every project is executed with precision, consistency, and thoroughness.

Are you ready to elevate your industrial control systems game?

Look no further than UTSI, the experts in delivering top-notch consulting, engineering, integration, and support services on a global scale.

We’re dedicated to providing the best of the best, and doing it with the professionalism, efficacy, and affordability you deserve.

And that’s not just a one-time thing – we’re in it for the long haul, building strong relationships with our clients to make sure their needs are met now and in the future with evolving innovation.

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