What We Do

SCADA/ICS Consulting, Cybersecurity & Remote Infrastructure Safety Monitoring

UTSI is a vendor independent consulting and engineering services company with a principle area of focus in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) for oil & gas pipelines and related critical infrastructure facilities. UTSI specializes in ICS system design, engineering and project services, as well as a broad range of cybersecurity consulting services including ICS network design, independent audits and multiple levels of independent testing services. We also provide real-time safety and integrity monitoring for remote infrastructure installations.

UTSI is a unique company. We are an independent and unbiased organization that strives to provide our clients with a broad and deep base of expertise. UTSI’s greatest asset to our clients is the experience and dedication of our staff. By applying our expertise to specific projects, we ensure solutions that meet the customer’s needs and fit within its overall business environment. Our technical depth and breadth ensure that the technology solutions recommended and implemented for any given project will be appropriate and of the highest quality available, meeting the client’s needs now, as well as in the future. With over 200 customers and numerous successful projects completed worldwide, UTSI has gained the background and experience necessary to tackle any Oil & Gas ICS requirement that might arise, and to guide our customers to the best solution available.

It is highly unusual to find a single individual who is an expert in all of the applications and technologies that make up a modern real-time industrial control system. Because we recognize this fact, UTSI’s team of professionals, with their broad and diverse skills and experience, has become a well-known and established source for consulting services in the pipeline industry. We maintain a staff of professionals who are industry leaders in ICS technology, cybersecurity, real-time communication systems, hydraulic modeling and simulation, along with other specialized industry applications.  By taking advantage of this combined expertise, our clients are assured that the appropriate experts will be available to contribute as necessary on any given project as specific needs arise.


UTSI is equipped to handle concept to completion project consulting services including business requirements definition, detailed RFP development, vendor vetting, proposal evaluation, selection recommendations, contracting advisory services, project engineering, documentation, acceptance testing (FAT and SAT) and field/site commissioning services. UTSI has been providing these services to operating companies throughout the world for more than thirty (30) years, and has been established as a leading and consistent source for expertise with significant depth in all types of automation technologies applicable to oil & gas pipeline infrastructures.

ICS Cybersecurity

UTSI’s ICS Security Audit and Testing Process (ISAP) is a systematic process designed to identify areas of possible compromise by thoroughly reviewing and testing virtually every aspect of an ICS infrastructure, and to recommend corrective actions, as well as assist with the implementation of such corrections. ISAP is a multi-phased process that includes offline reviews of the customer’s ICS infrastructure architecture, system operations, access controls and equipment configurations/inventories, along with vulnerability assessments in both offline (isolated laboratory) and online (live system) environments, as appropriate for any given customer’s systems, operations and objectives. UTSI can also perform penetration testing on any aspect of the ICS infrastructure, including, but not limited to, web-based frameworks, third party/outside access methods, and possible intrusions via entry points at remote locations via cyber or direct physical access, or a combination of both. We can also provide forensic experts to assist in the investigation of suspected ICS data breaches. UTSI employs a team of highly experienced ICS experts, many of whom possess specific cybersecurity certifications, including Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and GIAC Global Industrial Control Security Professional (GICSP).

Remote Infrastructure Safety and Integrity (RISI) Monitoring

UTSI is finalizing development of a new and highly capable video monitoring system for application at remote infrastructure locations on oil & gas upstream, midstream and downstream pipelines. The system provides a groundbreaking level of monitoring of such infrastructure, designed specifically to enhance the safety and integrity at the location, thus lowering the risks typically associated with operations involving such remote locations. Although the system involves many divergent parts, the heart of the system relies on a deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) platform which provides real-time behavior analysis for any given field of view. The RISI system receives live video feeds from both HD and thermal cameras as primary inputs and, after a preliminary learning period, will alert certain abnormal human, environmental and/or operational anomalies to a 24×7 manned operations center, functioning as an integral part of the overall monitoring system.

Research & Development

UTSI is frequently involved in the design and development of sophisticated applications for operations and testing in control system environments. Many of the applications we develop are highly specialized for a given customer and business/operations environment, while others are tools developed to facilitate various aspects of testing including communications stress testing and system integrity under extreme loading conditions. In addition, many of our staff have been responsible for the design and development of commercial products for general use in the control systems industry including software products for testing, smart instrumentation management, sophisticated HMI software and complete SCADA systems for large infrastructure automation.

UTSI is also heavily involved in various aspects of ICS cybersecurity research and development focused on critical infrastructure control systems and related technologies. Contact UTSI for details.

Having executed many successful projects over the past 30+ years, UTSI’s staff possesses the depth and understanding of exactly what is required during every phase of a project, ensuring that correct and informed decisions are made at each and every step along the way.  We are capable of working in any role necessary to support the customer’s project needs including, but not limited to, acting as the overall project management and engineering resource, or simply as a subject matter expert or technical resource to the designated project management and engineering teams.

Customer success and satisfaction are the primary objectives that drive UTSI’s consulting practice.  We are one hundred percent (100%) committed to successful projects, and to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

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