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December 27, 2022The Right Way to Manage Your OT/IT Convergence

What it is and what happens when you improperly converge… There is actually a right way to manage your OT/IT convergence; that is separating your IT from your OT....

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December 6, 2022Digital Twins are Skyrocketing – What You Need to Know

IoT Analytics published a report on how the phrase “Digital Twin” skyrocketed in the last 5 years.  One big reason? COVID-19 forced all non-essential employees to work from home....

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Cybersecurity Certifications and How They Relate to ICS Environments

November 17, 2022Cybersecurity Certifications and ICS Environments

There is growing concern in the ICS cybersecurity arena about cyber threats from hackers and ransomware attacks. These risks make ICS cybersecurity and infrastructure protection, as well as preparedness,...

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The Noble Campaign to Modernize OT Systems – Oil & Gas Tech Podcast with Guest Shaun Six

November 7, 2022Modernizing OT Systems with Shaun Six

Why should we be concerned about securing critical infrastructure and modernizing OT systems? Find out in this Oil & Gas Tech podcast hosted by Michael O’Sullivan of the Oil...

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facts about independent ICS cybersecurity assessments

October 25, 2022Facts about Independent ICS Cybersecurity Assessments

Due to the Colonial Pipeline cybersecurity incident in 2021 that led to a massive pipeline shutdown, the TSA now requires an annual independent review of ICS cybersecurity. As of July 19,...

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July 16, 2019Identifying Single Points of Failure in SCADA Systems

Identifying Single Points of Failure in SCADA Systems Periodically reviewing your SCADA System Architecture is crucial in maintaining a reliable oil or gas pipeline system. No matter how thoroughly...

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July 3, 2019A Vendor-Neutral Consultant Updates Us On SCADA in Energy Utilities

Vendor-neutral consulting is an integral facet of any pipeline system utilizing SCADA systems. This form of consulting effectively employs customer-specific standards to fit the needs of any industry, whether...

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Implementing a SCADA System in a Developing Country

June 27, 2019Implementing and Operating a Modern Pipeline SCADA System in a Developing Country

Implementing and operating a modern pipeline SCADA system in a developing country presents many unique opportunities and challenges. One of the unique advantages a vendor/integrator might realize when implementing...

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How AI Is Saving Time and Money in Critical Infrastructure Control Rooms with Daniel Nagala of UTSI

June 6, 2019How AI Is Saving Time and Money in Critical Infrastructure Control Rooms with Daniel Nagala of UTSI

  “Digital transformation” might sound like a vapid buzzword, but make no mistake: when you get down to brass tacks, the digitization of long-held industry processes is providing actionable...

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Key Reasons to Utilize a SCADA Consulting Firm When Executing a Project

March 11, 2019Key Reasons to Utilize a SCADA Consulting Firm When Executing a Project

Recently, a major pipeline operator decided to implement a new SCADA system and worked directly with an integrator and vendor to put it together. The operator did not develop...

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