OASyS Value Added Applications

UTSI International has developed a portfolio of Value Added Applications currently interfaced to OASyS DNA, but applicable to other systems as well, to address ICS-related challenges in the control room. While many software vendors offer robust SCADA solutions, UTSI has built upon these capabilities to address some of the most pressing issues in the pipeline control room environment based on more than thirty (30) years of experience working alongside pipeline control center operations and engineering staff. Examples of these value added applications include the following:

Database and Display Integrity Tool (DDIT)
  • Copies the real-time database to a SQL database (this allows more advanced queries and insures the real-time system is not impacted),
  • Extracts key data from the display (XEM) files such as which points appear on a display, if they are controllable, if they display faceplates, etc.,
  • Performs a series of checks programmed into individual SQL stored procedures, such as identification of:
  • Records not on any display,
  • Records configured on displays that are not defined in the database,
  • Orphaned records, and
  • Records that do not follow customer specific configuration rules
  • Creates audit logs and work lists for each issue that allow the following:
  • Assignment of an issue to designated staff/support personnel,
  • Set priority states, including Open (fix now), Wait (set date in future to be reminded) and Ignore (not a problem, do not report again), and
  • Provides automated tracking and labeling of issues as “open” when created, “in progress” when an individual begins work to address the issue, and “closed” when the issue has been resolved. If the issue re-immerges after it has been closed, it will be re-opened automatically.
Field Data Interceptor and Playback
  • Records data from the field to a file,
  • Allows the data from the field to be played back for testing and/or reproducing errors/events, and
  • Can playback in real-time, allowing field data to be sent to a development system (note that this functions over a one-way network connection).
Historical Data Playback
  • Displays historical data on operational displays as if it were polled from the field,
  • Completely independent of control center consoles and other SCADA runtime components,
  • Can playback at normal or faster than normal speed, and
  • Events related to the playback time are also presented in the event summaries, synchronized with the playback time.
Logfile Evaluation and Analysis Tool (LEAT) (in development)
  • Aggregates log and/or operational event files from multiple servers and workstations,
  • Can provide summary and analytic information for operational and/or system maintenance and integrity monitoring,
  • Facilitates root cause analysis, trouble shooting and resolution,
  • Provides sorting, filtering, consolidation of like/related entries and reporting,
  • Will identify new or important errors and notify staff, and
  • Can be used as input to the Adaptix platform for deep evaluation and predictive analysis.
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