UTSI International has collaborated with Sensewaves to combine its unparalleled industry knowledge of pipeline SCADA, Leak Detection and other computational applications with Sensewave’s innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to improve operational and business decision making in the control room. Through analysis of data streams, the Adaptix Pipeline platform can learn patterns and identify anomalies from SCADA, allowing for a variety of use cases including leak alarm validation, predictive maintenance, and immediate detection of external damage to the pipeline in the right of way.

Sensewaves is an artificial intelligence technology firm that has developed the first adaptive AI analysis environment for sensor and time-series data. With a history of successful application of the Adaptix platform on electric grids, and for smart building management, Adaptix Pipeline is very well positioned to bring significant value to pipeline operating companies.

Read more about this partnership in our press release dated August 15, 2019.

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